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FISU Garden

Fundamental Principles of FISU Meditation

What is Meditation?
One of the Laws of the Universe is Vibration defined as - Expansion, Pause and Contraction
That's one of the fundamental principles behind the process of meditation.

Expansion through mantra meditation (based on sound)
The FISU Garden bases it's expansion to the universe by providing a space of openness which extends beyond the confines of the central pergola seating area. The pergola and linear paving extend at random into the lush green planting and represent how we grow as people through meditation
Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space and also represent a self-reflection of your inner self and going beyond the mind.
·    Self-Awareness beyond the ego self - giving you true “Non-judgemental awareness” - a profound way to know yourself better
·    Expanded Awareness - beyond our own self-awareness to far deeper levels of our consciousness
·    Objectivity - taking awareness to a deeper level of non-emotional observation
Bamboos create sound (Mantra) which reflects the chattering of the brain. 
Hakonechloa - Used to create movement whilst also used across the scheme to represents vibration back and forth movement

Pause (Stillness)
Journey between contraction and expansion
Stepping stones creating a pause
Contraction through Tratak meditation using Vision and light. 
Benefits - One pointedness and creating focus. Focal point/something small
Intimacy, stillness, sunken area - change of level. 

Geometric sculptural fins direct focus in to the centre of the sunken area & focuses all attention to the focal point, visitors from outside will also be curious to see what's on the inside and large sculptures blend in but also obscure views surrounded by lush green foliage planting.

Black and white has been used to represent the spiritual journey from darkness to light.

White - reflects purity and harmony, it makes it a spacious space and helps unclutter the mind.

A restrained palette of black grey and white in the hard landscaping with the addition of green foliage produces a refined elegant design.

But having a restricted use of materials also creates a calm, peaceful mood in the garden.

The use of water creates a refreshing space with a sunlit reflection offset by planting helping to evoke a feeling of energy, growth and rejuvenation and also creates a still calm garden.

The FISU Eternal Flame sculpture becomes a focal point but becomes a dynamic to the design.

A tranquil setting has been achieved through using straight lines and simple shapes and a coherent layout, provides a comfortable retreat for modern day life.

The bark of Himalayan birch was used centuries ago in India as paper for writing lengthy scriptures and texts in Sanskrit.
Scripts engraved on the end of the contraction sculpture represent the benefits of using FISU Meditation.

Scripts engraved on the END OF SCULPTURE FINS
Learn to Relax Health Improves Removes Stress Neutralises Mood Swings
Inner Strength Greater Creativity More Positive Self Fulfilment Self Confidence Greater Self-Esteem Increases Perception & Awareness Peace of Mind
Unfoldment of the Heart Find Greater happiness A Philosophy of Life Teachings that you can live Non-Denominational Non-Sectarian

Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) Are planted beneath betulas
Patchouli incense sticks are commonly used by FISU Meditation.  The gentle fragrance will waft through the garden whilst they burn under the betulas.
Green - suggest calm fertility and freshness and makes it become a tranquil space.
Planting sourced from around the globe symbolising Guraraj Ananda Yogi's travels, teaching the art of personalised meditation, mindfulness and life transforming yogas.