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Hadley Wood

Contemporary Family Garden

General Design concept


The clients brief was to create a modern outdoor space to complement their new 4 storey luxury home that was under construction.

We developed the brief further by creating a clean and contemporary functional space that would be utilized throughout the year echoing their interior with beautiful outdoor living, dining and kitchen area.


The rear garden is 35 x 15 m and a south facing garden. The main client criteria was a strict ‘NO steps’ in the garden which had all been excavated down to a depth of 1.2m to allow for easy transition from internal to external spaces.

The geometry of the design focused on key outdoor areas with a journey upwards along a gentle incline punctuated by raised planters on a grid that creates rhythm through the garden and across the lawn to the 5 large Magnolia grandifloras.

We deigned a bespoke outdoor kitchen area with a cantilevered roof with all mod cons such as sink/fridge/freezer, custom made clay oven and even a rotating donner machine to enjoy bbq’s and entertain family and friends. 

A custom designed garden building at the rear of the garden for the children to undertake arts and crafts with integrated toilet and storage area also accommodating the VRV Heat Exchange unit which feeds the 4 storey house.

Specialist dimmable and individually controlled lighting to enjoy evenings in the garden as well as a high end sound system with below ground sub-woofer, a trampoline and basketball area for children and a high end bespoke frameless greenhouse as well somewhere to grow veg.

Evergreen structural planting such as Ilex crenata ‘Dark Green’, Pittosporum tobira ‘Nanum’, Bamboos and magnolia grandifloras have been used to unify the design and add winter structure. Herbaceous perennials and grasses have also been used to soften the straight lines of the design and provide a relaxed modern feel.

It was
imperative to have certain aspects to
satisfy the way we live and cook, and
these were met extremely well

Chris Koumourou

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