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Chase Farm

The Process

Design Consultation
We meet our clients and review their existing garden or commercial site in order to understand the initial objectives for the project.
We aim to take on board the client’s aspirations and objectives.
As designers we aim to take the project beyond what the client had originally imagined.
We will define a Preliminary Design Brief outlining the scope of the project with our Design Fee Proposal.

Measured Site Survey
For all sites we undertake accurate site survey measuring key features including topographical levels using the latest technology to produce CAD drawings from which we can then begin the design process.

Design Brief and Sketch Scheme Proposal
Our sketch scheme proposal illustrates our proposed design explaining in detail and walking you through the proposed project. From this meeting we can move forward with a master plan which is more detailed and will allow us to begin the tendering process.

Planting Design & Plans
The soft landscaping is as equally important in creating a complete and harmonious scheme. Detailed planting plans are produced with mood boards including information about the proposed plants, positions and a plant schedule. We also select plants that are suited to the conditions of the site promoting ecological, sustainable planting design where we can. 

Landscape Contractors Tendering
The outline plan indicates quantities and types of materials including any bespoke features and construction details.

Site Project Management
We provide dimensioned setting out plans and liaise with the landscaping contractors to ensure that everything is laid out exactly as proposed.

Soft Landscaping & Plant Supply
We personally select plants to ensure the best specimens are sourced and our team of highly trained gardeners will ensure the soil is properly prepared and planting is carefully undertaken to allow the garden to flourish as it establishes. We make regular visits to ensure all plants have taken correctly.

We can undertake the upkeep and maintenance of the garden and produce a written maintenance plan which can also be passed onto a third party garden maintenance company and assist in the on-going maintenance of your garden. The first few years are very important for the successful establishment of your planting.

Additional Services
We can provide design and installation for Lighting, Irrigation/Rain water harvesting as well as sourcing garden items such as art, sculptures and furniture.

Final Words
We aim to provide a highly professional service and provide the client with so much more that ever hoped for. We remain in contact should you require any advice after the project has been completed.

If you'd like to work with us, Contact us.


020 8804 4050


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