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Urban Oasis

Chase farm hospital.jpg

General Design Concept

A 12 x 9m garden set at a 12.5 degree angle gives varying depth to the planting beds and provides a journey to a secluded area at the rear. This garden is a haven from the hustle and bustle of city life. Privacy from neighbouring properties has been given throughout with trees such as Acers, Eucalyptus, Betula & Ginko biloba, bamboos, dicksonia and other specimen planting.

Opting for a luxurious material such as the Iroko decking gives the space an opulent feel.  Dining furniture for up to 8 people, a custom made Iroko angled bench as well as the stylish yellow Acapulco chairs brighten up the garden providing additional seating in this social space.

Discreet lighting creates a warm evening glow, transforming the space into an evening entertainment area whilst a discreet sound system using rock speakers plays in the background.

Architectural planting has been used such as Dicksonia antarcticas as well as other dramatic foliage plants  such as banana plants, Melianthuis major and Fatsias which give it the urban tropical feel.
Splashes of rich vibrant colours have been used from Hemerocallis, Cannas and Dahlias.

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